Should You Replace Your Roof In Sections?

If your roof has recently sustained damage from high winds, storms, or heavy rain, you’re likely wondering if you need roof repair or replacement. While it’s possible to replace your roof in sections, this route may not always be the best idea. Take a few moments to review the advantages and disadvantages of replacing a portion of your roof before you decide on the best course of action. 

Only one part of my roof is damaged, can I just replace it?

Although it’s possible to only replace the damaged portion, it’s probably not the best approach. First, replacing only a part of the roof will likely diminish the aesthetic appeal of the building. The contrast of the replaced part next to the existing portion will stand out to the naked eye and give your roof an unusual appearance. Not just that, repairing only one section of the roof carries with it potential insurance implications. For instance, your home insurance policy may be reluctant to reimburse you for damages if only one part of the roof is in good condition. 

A large portion of my roof is severely damaged, should I replace the whole roof?

In general, it’s more cost-effective long-term to replace the whole roof if it has sustained significant damage. Chances are the undamaged portion of the roof will need to be replaced at one point or another regardless and spreading out the roof replacement process section by section may end up costing you more. Discuss your options with a trusted local roofing consultant to get a more accurate estimate of replacement costs before you decide.

Issues with Replacing the Roof in Sections

If you need to replace one section of your roof chances are the other part will need to be replaced soon as well. Leaks caused by the deterioration of the pre-existing roof section can impact the integrity of the portion you’ve just replaced. It’s often better to simply replace the entire roof to ensure there’s equal protection across all areas of your home.

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