2 Things To Do After Storm Damage Hits Your Roof

The Capital Region of New York gets it all – hail, tornadoes, thunderstorms, snow, and ice storms. When stormy weather hits, your home’s roof may take the brunt of the damage. Knowing what to do after storm damage hits your roof can make a big difference in what happens to your family, home, insurance claim, and wallet afterward.

1. Call a Roofer to Inspect the Damage

It does not take someone with 20/20 vision to detect obvious signs of roof damage, such as fallen tree limbs, loose guttering, leaks, or cracked shingles. However, it does take a trained pair of eyes to discover hidden damage, especially to roofing materials sitting below the surface. After the storm, it’s important to call a roofing contractor to carry out a complete, comprehensive inspection.

In essence, you want a roof inspection that details:

  • Roof shingle condition
  • Flashing condition
  • Leaks
  • Ice dams
  • Chimney condition
  • Insulation status
  • Attic inspection results
  • Gutter condition

The contractor will pinpoint issues and provide a written report with pictures of the damage, recommended solutions, and an estimate on the cost of repairs or replacement. Also, you can share the info with your insurance company when filing an insurance claim.

Scheduling a professional roof inspection as soon as possible reduces the odds of a failing roof damaging your home. Repairs should be made promptly, or the damage may spiral out of control and cause more damage to your home.

For instance, water can penetrate your home through a hole in the roof, soaking into walls, flooring, furniture, and more. Mold can grow and create an unhealthy environment for your family. Immediate repairs can help prevent interior damage and health risk.

2. Stay Away from Storm Chasers

When looking for a contractor to fix your damaged roof, make sure you contact a local, licensed roofing contractor. The reason for this is because bad weather events attract unscrupulous contractors known as storm chasers.

These opportunistic fraudsters often travel door-to-door, using scare tactics to try to convince unwary homeowners they need a new roof and can get one for a discount.

Beware: storm chasers provide substandard workmanship and don’t care about following local codes. They aim to replace as many roofs in your neighborhood for as little cost as possible and then move on to the next town. The lifespan of a roof replaced by these makeshift “companies” may be half of an expertly constructed roof.

Roofing Experts You Can Trust

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