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3 Things To Know Before Turning Your Flat Roof Into A Balcony

    3 Things To Know Before Turning Your Flat Roof Into A Balcony

    Turning your flat roof into a balcony is a great way to create more outside space in your home. However, there are multiple factors you need to consider before going ahead with the project. For example, you need to know what your existing flat roof is made of to ensure it can withstand the extra weight.

    So, here are the three things you need to know before turning your flat roof into a balcony.

    1. The Overall Condition of the Roof

    You expect your flat roof to bear extra weight, so you must consider the implications before commencing the project. By engaging an expert roofer or structural engineer, you can learn how much extra weight your flat roof can support safely based on the materials used.

    Schedule a professional roofing inspection to evaluate the condition of your flat roof to evaluate what is needed to turn it into a balcony.

    2. Applicable Planning and Building Permissions 

    Flat roof waterproof membranes have gotten more sophisticated. However, working with an experienced roofer and following all the best practices can help you create a lovely balcony without worrying about roof leaks.

    Turning your flat roof into a balcony may require building permission depending on the level of work it will take to modify. You can install a balcony under permitted development rights, but there are always exceptions.

    Additionally, your balcony is considered a raised platform and will require planning approval. It’s always best to work with an experienced local roofer to understand building and planning regulations before you get started.

    3. Project Scope and Cost

    Waterproofing is often the most crucial consideration for flat roof projects. You’ll want to know your roof will repel water for several years after installing the balcony. Working with an experienced roofer will help you evaluate the scope of work in adding the balcony and whether or not the extra structural reinforcement and waterproofing works make economic sense. You can install a roof balcony on virtually any flat roof. However, since installing a balcony may require a substantial investment, always work with a knowledgeable roofing contractor. Pinnacle Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor serving the Capital Region of New York and Southern Vermont. Contact us today for more information about turning your flat roof into a spacious balcony!